Monday, September 05, 2011

To question or not..

I realize I don't have a lot of questions that are my own. (I don't mean questions that haven't been asked.) Most of the questions that I do have and are my own are those that I somewhat know are not worth finding answers for.(or something like that :) ) I do, of course, get curious about many questions after I have heard them somewhere else. I enjoy that too. But then, I have been thinking about why I don't have as many questions as I would like.
The first thing that comes to mind is how I worry a lot about reinventing the wheel and not getting anywhere at all. If I question everything, if I go about getting at everything from first principles, I might spend a lot of time doing just that and not accomplish the task at hand.
I also sometimes find it hard to decide how much of the big picture and how many tiny details are worth knowing. I have realized that the more I abstract, the more I take for granted, the lesser questions I have. It's always that compromise between how much time I am willing to spend on something and how satisfied I feel at the end of learning/doing something.
Heh. I rambled.
Anyway, here are my questions for you:
- do you have a lot of questions that are your own? if so, what's your mojo? if not, how do you feel about it?
- how do you know how deep you should be going asking questions?
- do questions sometimes make you uncomfortable? how do you deal with that? (:))