Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The new bike

The high of that first ride on the dazzling new bike was more than just a dream. And so he celebrated it plentifully with all those who seemed to care.
He didn't get drunk, no sir, just drove.
Later they said, he should have. One last drink before the lorry crushed the bike. And him.

P.S: Yeah, my first attempt at fifty-five word fiction.

Monday, December 20, 2010


When she said she liked praises, she indeed meant it. She liked it when they spoke nicely about her hair, her lip gloss or her new perfume. They went out that day because he had asked her in the most flattering way. They got to the restaurant exactly at dusk. She liked the blue interiors, the gaudy chandeliers, the chicken-work on the table-cloth, the pieces-of-a-puzzle coasters and of course the sparkling champagne. After a lot of small talk, she said, not too seriously, "The past gets to you a sometimes. When I think of many events in my past, I always have this question - 'have I really have been so dumb!'" He said animatedly and seriously, "Ah, the 'you' there is the tricky part. The 'You' is so many things at the same time, you see. The anchor to all those thoughts, the way to experience every one of those sensations, the faculty that processes these thoughts and experiences. So yes, indeed. One of those many 'you's was probably really dumb. " Her eyes lighted up at once, she could do that at will, she never told anyone about that though. "That was interesting", she remarked and spent the rest of the evening making more small talk. He left the restaurant with the feeling that everything had gone very well.
The next day, she dumped him. She said, she couldn't relate to someone who did not understand rhetorical questions.