Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sad Cafe

I don't write song posts here anymore. At some point, music stopped becoming something more than just an experience. Of course, that doesn't mean there weren't songs that I was obsessed about. There were. A lot of songs which have played days together, which have stuck too hard, which I had to un-hear. But then, they were just that. None of them played mind games. None of them have made me think about my questions and answers. Not in the recent past!
After reading so much, you would certainly expect a sentence starting with "but" right? So, here goes. But I got to listening this good old Eagles album. And this song "the Sad Cafe" played! And there it was. It depressed me the first time I heard it. Next time, I listened to it slowly with more concentration. It depressed me all the more. "But things in this life change very slowly, if they ever change at all"
Though it did change pretty quickly for me. After I had listened to it a few more times, it was so depressing that it was inspiring! Don't judge me for a weakly attempted wordplay. I really mean that! What can you do if things lay out in front of you in ways that you do not like? What can you do if you couldn't do anything of what you thought? Will you stop dreaming? Just because you did not succeed does it mean that you were wrong? What does it mean, then? "And I don't know why fortune smiles on some, And let's the rest go free"
One thing, I am sure about. I might fail trying to understand the world, I might get ever more lonely trying to make myself more clear to my own self, I might never fly away to those beautiful shores that I dream about, but I would still go to that sad cafe when it's midnight.