Friday, September 17, 2010


About this I guess I'm sufficiently clear - there's no universal purpose. My actions don't really contribute to anything to fulfill a grander purpose. The universe as such might not have a purpose at all. It might but I guess it's not very easy to decipher it to a granularity where my drinking coffee should be affected by it somehow. So yeah, this I think I'm okay with.
But this need not stop me from having purposes for my life alone, right? I don't know whether it should/can stop, but every single day I wake up because I do realize there's something that I want to live for. I might not be aware of it every second of the day, but I know it implicitly I guess. This way of life is so , what shall I say, weightless? I still have to figure out in clear words what would my own purpose be. But I think I have a fair idea. It's perhaps to consistently have a way where I can pursue whatever interests me without having to trouble myself too much. Hah! that was simpler than I thought.
Or why watching "Monty Python's The Meaning of Life" is a very good idea.

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