Friday, November 20, 2009


The ticking of the clock makes me impatient. As though I am at the mercy of time. Perhaps I am! As I write this journal minutes before the event of my life, our lives, I don't really see if time is playing with me or against me. For reasons I know very clearly, Divya fills my thoughts. It was this day that we had dreamed for. A day when we would be united in wedding. Me and her. I distinctly remember the night when we walked uphill , hand in hand, only to buy a small vanilla ice cream cup. And I know her perfume as mine ! Wasn't it one of those sultry Tuesday afternoons that we realized we knew each other so well ? She had got me a big bunch of red roses the next morning . Today is a big day for us ! Me and her. Life is going to be very different from tomorrow. Or that's what everyone says. We both always thought we would do things that we wanted. But I guess what we did lack was the courage. Was it known and thus unsaid ? Why then did we build dreams ? Any moment now, Anand will be here. And he will call out my name.. "Apra.." He always does that. Before he begins to say anything else. In few more minutes me and Divya would be married. To different people of course. I know our lives won't have much meaning after this! But we knew we had to celebrate our failures at the same time. And do it big !

Friday, November 13, 2009

When you sleep ..

The roads seem wide,
The paths narrow.
When you run only to hide
Do you care about tomorrow ?

The days would die
Without lament.
But why would you cry
When you don't ever regret !

Hopes, you have a few
Fears too many and they are new.
You stretch, dream and hang on
But before you wake up, all is gone .