Thursday, September 17, 2009

....and they wrote stories.

...and she realized how she'd been wondering all night about how his hair was and whether he liked crayons and whether he always wore a watch. And she shook her head about making too little sense.
...and hey, he did like the cartoon idea and thought she would be a nice cartoon character! And wished how he could hold her hand and say that they would keep talking . Like they did all night. And he looked outside the window to see her once again!
... and they sat by the river counting pebbles. Perhaps building a small grass hut. Oh not that they wanted to live there forever. Maybe they liked the sound of water. With butterflies and bubble tanks, one doesn't think about colors too much. "I have to go", he said. "If so, we go together", she said. While walking together, one doesn't think about the destination too much.
... and she wanted to say nothing to him. For a long time,
... and so they walked hand-in-hand enjoying all that they saw. There were leaves and trees and flowers and there was the breeze. There was the evening blue and there was sunset and there were birds . "Green is not all that bad", he said smiling. "I told you ", she said. And then, as though, nothing else could have happened, they looked into the eyes of the other. There was love. A whole lot of love. There was perhaps a hug. Unhurried. Although brief. They talked of rainbows and butterflies and rabbits and squirrels and walked away..
...and there were four lines. A poem. A song. A story !
... and once in a riverbed there was a castle where a pretty princess lived. She was charming, loving and loved . And once she saw a stranger in her garden. The stranger was soon a friend of sorts. And soon he was a friend. Alas, he lived in a desert far away. The princess longed to see him everyday. But the desert was too long a distance from the garden that they first met ! And one day there was a fairy. Who could grant anything that the princess wanted ! But it had to be a single wish.. The princess said that she wanted to see the stranger-friend whenever she wanted to, wherever she wanted to.. The fairy smiled. To this day, no one knows what happened of the wish!