Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The reason.

We see the same things
You and I.
And wonder in unison
With a curious eye..

We walk and talk
And sing along .
In never ending words
We think we belong..

We share a quest
For answers we grope .
A bond against all odds
Is always the hope.

Why then do we
End up so far ?
I ask for I know
The memories are but a scar.

Hear me, you will
Even if it drives you mad.
The reason, my dear, is that
You are good and I'm bad !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two cats

There were two cats. A big cat and a small cat. Both of them liked milk a lot. They played together most of the time! The small cat always teased the big cat for being so big. "You're a big big cat!", it would say. As the days went by, their liking towards milk increased. And the small cat teased the big cat all the more. The big cat found it increasingly difficult to play with the small cat when it was being teased so much. But the big cat did not want to hurt the small cat in any manner.
Then, the big cat bought a really huge can of milk and gave it to the small cat. The small cat was overjoyed. And it drank the entire can of milk. Now something happened.. The small cat had drunk so much milk that it now grew bigger than the big cat!
Now there were two cats. A big cat and a bigger cat. Now they played together as before. Though the big cat was now smaller than the bigger cat, it never teased the bigger cat of being big. They still liked milk. And they lived happily ever after.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Bubbles are a wonder.
They shine. They grow. And then they fly away.
Bubbles are tales of color.
Though they live for the moment, their images stay!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A boy and a girl

My first attempt at writing a poem of sorts. I know it's not even ok-ish. But then so be it :)

All that he saw
Was her lovely smile.
And they were raw
Emotions without guile.

He saw her for years
Never spoke a word.
There were dreams and fears
And all were unuttered.

On one sunny day
He stopped her on her way.
He walked a slight walk
And made some small talk.

And then there were words
For days and for nights.
It cut across their worlds
And lit a hundred lights.

But out of the blue
She ended the song.
While he had no clue
What really went wrong.

To talk to her, he tried
But all in vain.
Silently he cried
Unusual was the pain.

Years flew by
He loved her still.
He did not know why
The heart was beyond his will.

And then again one day
She flashed her lovely smile.
He stopped on his way
Seeing her all the while .

In her eyes was no glow
Of the passion and the love.
He had to then know
The smile was just a face above!

And then he walked his way
But he did turn back.
While she had long gone away
In her smily, bizzare track.