Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The forbidden fruit ?

X : I like the indulgence..
Y : Nice! I like it too..
X : But perhaps it's not the right thing to do..
Y : Ah.. why ?
X : You know.. the entire forbidden fruit idea.
Y : Does that mean you're happier without the indulgence ?
X : It's not that ! I think I'm happy now :)
X : But I think I shouldn't be happy..
Y : So, you're sad that you're happy ?
X : That's just wordplay !
Y : No, really ...
X : Yeah.. it's strange. The forbidden fruit is indeed sweet, as they say.
Y : Do you know if it's forbidden at all ?
X : I don't want to care..
Y : But you do ?
X : Yes .
Y : Talk about conflicts :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walk out

"Don't walk out on me" .. A feeling of helplessness and drying hopes in the eyes.
"I can't think of anything less severe for all that I've done to you. You do know it's like losing a part of myself"... Perhaps a practised coldness.
"To see you go is to lose everything".. No more words !
"There is never everything " .. When the music's all over :)