Monday, April 27, 2009


One of them : Now for some unvarnished truths !
The other : Oh... like bitter coffee or something ?
The first one : I actually like bitter coffee .
The other : From when ? Oh wait ! Did I forget to add sugar to your coffee ?
The first one : But I like bitter coffee .
The other : Ah ! After I gave it to you ?
The first one : But that's not the point .
The other : Talk about it .. Unvarnished truths aren't ! 

Friday, April 24, 2009


He was perplexed . He thought he had hit the final road block and that he cannot go any further. 'Why are things so tough?', he thought to himself. He was into exploring things. And he thought he was quite good at that.  There were a lot of things he had found in the recent past. But not all of them could be shared.  He hoped she had seen it all ! but sometimes, even she wouldn't understand.
This time, he had taken up a mighty task for himself. Not only did he have to explore a certain thing in detail, but he also had to move it all to its destined location. It needed too much of alone time and detailed planning. And he hated to work when people were around. Like today . There were just too many people ! And it was during such days, he could see so less of her as well. He missed her. And hoped she knew .

They were all in a cheerful mood. Talking loudly, making fun of each other and laughing at the slightest joke . She was busy talking to all the people who she hadn't met for a long time. She did think that she should talk to him. She always knew when he missed her. But she hoped now that the evening would make him feel better ! She just wished he would like the whole thing !

It was now getting impossible to concentrate. And he also thought he was working on something which the humankind had never ever done before. It was not easy to put circular objects in square shaped holes. And there were these people smiling to him without any reason! Sometimes he smiled back, not knowing what else to do. And other times he showed irritation. Even when he showed irritation, they smiled back to him. And sometimes , even laughed aloud ! He was almost certain that they were all mad. But he knew she would never be mad like these people. 

She tried convincing him that he should look good for that evening. It was going to be special !

Now he was beginning to lose hope! Even she had joined their group and was trying to get him off his work. He knew he had to trust her. But how could he , when she behaved like them who smiled and chuckled and laughed pointlessly. He had so much to do that day . However, he decided to trust her . One last time. And stalled his work for the day . He got up and walked with her .

She beamed with joy as she walked with him towards all those people who had gathered to celebrate his birthday. He had turned two that day. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Whatever was left did not seem right . And whatever was indeed right wasn't left. But as they realized they had taken too many lefts before the final right , they were not sure anymore of what was right . At which point, she asked half-asleep..  "Have we come too far ?" . He said "Yes, possibly". She longed to sleep off but knew she couldn't. She looked at him intently and asked again "Too far to go back ? ". He sighed . And feigned indifference. Exactly at the same moment, she remembered a question she had wanted to ask him for a long time ! "Do you like windows and colors ?", she quizzed . He smiled slightly-- as always--  and said " Colors yeah. I like paint ! The smell of paint", "But windows ?" She looked at him with ever brighter eyes and a childlike excitement. And said " Yea ! I feel a window is sometimes surreal. You can see a whole wide world through a small opening" "I like windows !
He looked at her half appreciatively. But he thought they had lost their way and a strange fear had started to set in .They did speak of other things. 
When they got to wherever they wanted , that night,  the first thing he did on entering was to close the door.  And then stood by the window. Wondering whether to open it . Because they had left while the  paint was still wet .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Up and down

I stood up for you and you let me down. Perhaps, had I not stood up for you, I wouldn't have felt let down. Is that what they meant when they said it's all relative ?

Monday, April 06, 2009

it's like ..

It's like you've got everything you ever wanted. It's like dusk . A feeling of light and darkness mixed together and inseparable. It's like this feeling that you get after hearing a really old favorite song after a really long time. It's like  lazing all day . It's like walking aimlessly on an empty street on a warm , late morning . It's like smelling old books. It's like walking in the rains . It's like sitting in the rains . It's like a lonely song on the ipod playlist and  winamp playlist which plays when you are awake and asleep for five days and nights. It's like the single text message on your cell phone. It's like that folder in your email . It's like a starry night when you recognize those two constellations. It's like sleep. It's like standing on the edge. It's like love. Losing love . And it's like looking for it all over. And finding it. Within yourself !

Friday, April 03, 2009


He : I am done . Are you done yet ?
She : No , I am not yet done .
He : There you go . So, you're the one that waits !
She : I know. But don't you think I am good as long as it is you that I wait for ? 
He : But hey , waiting is when you already done right ?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

One way

I had thought it was really a one way and that we wouldn't go any further. I thought I had seen the signs . The signboards . But I quickly understood that those were not meant for us. Maybe it was your slight smile and the hidden sadness in your eyes or maybe it was the somewhat cool breeze on an almost sultry night . But I understood . And though I have always  liked a faint light in pitch dark, did you know how I hated it when the lights turned red .. And I had to leave . 

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


When I had to kiss you goodbye in the twilight, why did I feel that you smelled rain ? And when it rained all night long , was it still you when I thought you were long gone ?