Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why ?

It seemed as though she liked him a lot . She looked happier when others mentioned him. And her eyes brightened up everytime they both talked. 
Anyone could easily say that she was like most people. Enjoyed getting attention , easy going and fun . What probably seemed less important and unseen was that she was manipulative and restless .
He had told her once that she looked cute when she walked prancingly all over his garden. His garden was really a place to be, she had told him around the same time.  

Their ways of communication were strange. She would sometimes stay up the whole night waiting for him and disappear the moment he came . And then they would both see some pictures which made little sense to her. But she would see because  he liked them. Many times one would remember the other while eating certain food , seeing particular movies or even thinking about colors. And there were smells too. Coffee, Vanilla, Lime, Paint, Vicks, Axe , Charlie .  As far as she could remember, there were no questions between them.

She felt delighted at his successes.  And she listened to him intently when he spoke. To all that he spoke. Even the undulations and the pauses and the sighs.  All their interactions seemed suggestive of a sense of warmth. It felt as though a  delicate, inexplicable strand of togetherness bound them . But the nature of all their exchanges was  so subtle that she did not have anything to hold on to. 

And then one day it all started seeming different.  She painfully seemed to notice that he had started withdrawing himself. He was still as interesting. But the magic seemed to have gone. 
Now this was a new feeling. And strangely she kept smiling by herself all along . She probably had to just let it go.

So when one morning he was all bleary eyed  waiting for her, he told her .. "You took so long! I was waiting from what felt like eternity!"
And then she knew she had to ask him..
"Why ?"

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Life for Rent .

How would it be if you could give your life for rent ? Just like they do for the houses. Give your life to someone to occupy and take charge. You still own it . And you also get some benefit out of it. Say money.
Rent out your life to someone, let them make the decisions, take actions, do whatever they want without spoiling the condition of your life . You just have to collect money every month .
Its fun . You don't have to worry about anything . Pros and cons of your actions , decisions , directions , risks, complications ...
And since you own it , you can always get it back for own use !

Friday, December 05, 2008


Its a luxury to be understood
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Dew and Mist had known each other quite well. Mist had always tried to compete with Dew in every possible way. Dew wasn't much concerned since she always thought there were better things to think about . However she noticed how Mist went an extra mile to beat Dew in someway . It is not sure if Mist knew that Dew knew.
So this time around when Dew and Mist met again, Mist was not greatly different . And that set Dew thinking.

Rock was charming, Dew thought. And so did Rock. He thought he was quite charming . However Rock and Dew had very conflicting ideas and shared a complex relationship. Each disliked the other a lot but at the same time found a great sense of achievement in impressing the other. However Dew told Rock that her relationship with Rock's friend Santro had very good prospects . Santro was obsessed with Dew . But Dew said she liked it . Rock was unsure about how to react to this. He attributed it to Dew's somewhat undecipherable-ways-of -behavior. He was not really bothered.

Dew had talked about Mist to Rock. She said how she needed Rock's support in making Mist understand that there are better things than competing and worrying over it. Rock saw this as an opportunity to prove his ideas superior to that of Dew's ! That seemed like quite an achievement to him. And he promptly told this to Santro . Not with an intention of creating doubts about Dew, but only to share his happiness of being someone important to Dew .

Santro gave a dvd to Dew. That had one song "jag jaa re gudiya" written repeatedly. She kept smiling all day !

Rock realized that Mist was far more interesting than what he had heard. And he got more passionate about getting into a relationship with her than whatever he and Dew had thought of earlier. He found it difficult to hide this from Dew but he did not confide . Dew however got a little weary at times when she saw how even after Rock had interacted with Mist , Mist showed no change ! Rock did not think that to be a matter of concern, though. He had not yet given up on the plan to change Mist .

On a calm sunday, they all planned to meet up and have a late breakfast. Dew had her car recently serviced . Once Rock arrived unexpectedly at her house, Dew suddenly decided that she would go by his car with him. Another of her impulsive decisions , thought all of them!
Dew smiled intently at Santro and he understood. He offered to drive Mist in Dew's car .

The accident that happened after that was the worst that they saw in their lives. It was worst because Santro and Mist would never come back after that !

Dew called Rock the next morning . She seemed expressionless . Rock wouldn't speak much .
While she sat all by herself, she seemed calm. She was waiting for Rock . Rock being a man of principles would be there whenever he promised! And sometimes even when he didn't ...
Rock would be there ...