Monday, April 28, 2008

Greed ?

They say, if you possess something more than you actually need, if you are greedy, then it is equivalent of stealing . Because somewhere, somehow you are depriving someone of their needs. Need to think more clearly to justify / un- justify this. Putting it here so that I do it ..

This thought came up when I was negotiating my package with some company and when some other company lured me with money , which I did not quite expect .

P.S. I felt happy nevertheless

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A probable problem ..

I was thinking about how we learn things in the world. We rely on our sensory perceptions and our interpretations of those perceptions. From the set of experiences and thoughts we have, we develop a rationale. And this is what results in the logic that we use for reasoning .
Now lets suppose that the reality is something different. And we have interpreted wrongly all along. And thus the logic that we have developed is also flawed. And thus reasoning with this logic will probably never lead us to the truth or a complete understanding.
Will it ever be possible for us to go ahead with such a flawed logic ?

The above is probably tending to a problem of universal skepticism ! "How do we trust the veracity of our reasoning powers" . And this is as what Descartes suggested - Universal methodical doubt . Question everything, accept nothing as being true without questioning and proving that it is right. But questioning and understanding the answers for those questions all depend on the trustworthyness of our reasoning powers .

I feel there is not much that we can do about this problem. Assuming that our reasoning is trustworthy because it is given by God or something similar will not anyway better the situation because any unproven supposition will only add to the problem. Instead its better to have the judgement suspended. There might be problems in completely trusting our reasoning and logic. But that is the only possible way we have currently to develop any knowledge .
Need to see what other philosophers had to say about this problem.

I am back, hopefully for good.