Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Few words that need clarity :


Being down - to - earth




Monday, February 25, 2008

Anon ?

The desire to be anonymous is probably highly contrived.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Lets suppose that this world is an illusion. And that its a logical illusion. Meaning, there is a logical way in which the illusion gets fleshed up. SO, in this illusion we find out that there are laws governing the universe. We change our lives so that we can make maximum out of it by using the way these laws exist. Then we take the laws for granted. We believe in them.
And we believe, forget that everything is an illusion.
Or is there another way to think ? The world might be an illusion, but laws are real ? Or,
if we think of world as an illusion then there is no point in finding out laws ? Or, if at all we want to be flirty with this illusion and indulge a little deeper, we find another set of illusions called laws ?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


The kind of person that I am makes me feel a lot of things about myself. I have a certain kind of impulsiveness and a trait of being overly obsessed about things and people..
I used to be a person who gets carried away by celebrities! I remember the times when I have forced myself to behave in a particularly emotional way to convey my thoughts to someone. Not that I enjoyed being that way. But something in me used to say that, it was best for me to be that way! That, someday I will be good and great if am like this..
In time, I learnt about celebrities.. I learnt that human beings are human beings and there are no gods or angels or super humans. Anyone could make mistakes and {almost} evryone did them. That it was bad to idolize people and worship them. ..And I moved on....
So that was more of a childish phase of being obsessed {adolescent, i must say }

As I grew, I eventually gathered some maturity of thought {or so i presume, wishfully} and figured out that there was this secret urge in me to look out for celebrities. I carefully watched myself so that I dont "fall for" these celebrities. But internally I always longed to be 'close' to such people. So that I become a celebrity myself! But this led me to behave in a sort of confused {and funny} way. In all these confusions of "i--wish--i --knew--him--better", "he--might--not--be--all--tht--gud", my reactions to events became strange and I started feeling that I wasnt being completely honest to myself.

Once I got this feeling that I wasnt being honest to myself, I got all worked up on it and over did the part of being honest. During this phase I conjured up a lot of thoughts which were not originally present and began to feel a fake sense of happiness...That again got messy....

Today from where I stand, I feel good that I was able to write about stuff! And feel good that there are no gods and goddesses, there is no internal intentions about celebrities, no dishonesty and no faking!

Saturday, February 09, 2008


The struggles in life are many. And the most crucial of them is the struggle to preserve and grow one's individuality..