Monday, December 31, 2007

I am just so happy being the way I want to be.
Lesser said the better.
I also wish I had the perseverance to maintain my secret blog (s) :)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Its only words

Random people, random talks, opinions.

Judgements, decisions, confusions.

Life, relationships, risks, friends.

Happiness, challenges, thoughts, success, heartbreaks.

*thinking-too-high-of-oneself* .

Random shopping, bike rides, auto rickshaws, ticket in bus, cold nights.

Jargons, help, support, schedules, sleep.

Laughter, books, wallet, passport, radio, online, pictures.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


When the attack happened on Benazir Bhutto for the first time when she landed in Pakistan after her exile, few conspiracy theorists had propounded that it was self made so as to get publicity! Not sure, what they would say now. Just to say that, things might be, sometimes, just the way they seem. Should see what will Pakistan get out of all these...
Indulgence :)
A word that made me think quite a bit today. The pic is somewhat related.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Self taught

"Self-taught, are you?" Julian Castle asked Newt.
"Isn't everybody?" Newt inquired.
"Very good answer." Castle was respectful.
--Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle (1963)

Sunday, December 23, 2007


BJP won. I only wish that , India will not witness a modern day concentration camp for another ethnic cleansing .
Was just wondering what religion can do to people.. Maybe its all about how the thoughts get changed once someone gets religious. Though being religious might slow down the progress visibly, people might still take to religiousness for this sense of pride for being religious! It sometimes seems as though we have come a fulll circle...The new day youth getting back to religiousness under the name of "stress relief", "finding deeper meanings of life"or just for fashion shows a trend of harboring a sense of pride for being primitive! The only way is to give good competition by still feeling stress-free, find deeper meanings to life, be fashionable (;)) and still be progressive and advanced by NOT being religious.
On a second thought, maybe..just a maaybee...What if everything is not the way we think :) Thats always a possibility, yes. But as I always say, we make decisions based on current understanding and if they are proved wrong tomoro, we shall correct it !
Being open to change is what makes the difference
I saw this movie Cast Away!! Brought me to tears.. My eyes well up whenever I recollect it :)
The best thing I liked about the movie is the subtle expressions that are captured with the finest of the details and the irony of life which they tell a very powerful way. Made me think about the unknown variables of life, the struggles, the failures and the not-so-happy endings.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Cute guys that don't make sense

Not all cute guys are sensible.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Life : Are you happy ?
Me: Well... Yes...
Life: Why ?
Me: Hmm.....There is no reason to be sad..
Life: So ?
Me: So, I am not sad.
Life: But I asked you a different question.
Me: But doesnt that answer your question ?
Life: Does it ?

Does absence of sadness mean happiness ?

(P.S: If someone felt it is cliched, you have the right to feel so ;) )

I wanna love you !

X : I love you...
Y: Oh!.. So ?
X: So....nothing...
Y: Reallly?
X: Yeah.
Y: Okay..

X: I love you...
Y: Uh ? {what!}
X: Well..yeah, I love you..
Y: Hmm....Uh huh { what do i say!}
X: Well...fine, I guess you did not like me saying that..
Y: Hmm.... Eh....A..
X: I am sorry..

X: I love you ...
Y: Reaaallllly ?
X: Yeah.....Really...
Y: But why ?
X: Because.... Well, there a lot of reasons .
Y: Tell me a few now!
X: Because you are a very nice person.
X: And because I feel good being with you.
Y: Oh... So you would not love if I were not as nice.
X: No, I would love however.
Y: So, thats not a reason.
X: Well..
Y: I hate you...

X: I love you...
Y: Hey!!
X: What? I told you something...
Y: Yeah, I heard it!
Y: And I dont know what to say!
X: Ok, dont say anything then!
Y: Okay! Thanks a lot

X: I love you...
Y: I love you too!
X: Hey that makes me happy..
Y: So it does to me ..

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Realisations are like sudden summer rains. They hit you when you dont expect them even slightly. And more often than not, they make you sad than happier!
Why is it that we always want to believe that, world is like how we think about it ? Why don't we feel an urge to doubt our knowledge? Why do we feel satisfied at a lower level even when higher levels of achievement exist right in front of our eyes?
Why do we feel complacent?
Whoever said, selfishness is a virtue should be given a big pack of chocolates!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Of a Dream Unbroken..

{ Preamble : This was vaguely inspired by an article on Heartless bitches. Not that I endorse any of the views there. But the inspiration to write this came from this article: }

Anand and Anurag were more than just friends. Their common traits to explore new things, think deeper about life, i-am-born-to-take-risk attitude, a sort of different absent mindedness gelled them together for a long time. Even when they had to get separated because Anand had to work at the US, they --as people would popularly think- -did not feel sad. It was not in their nature to feel sad about anything. They just took life as it came.
Anand met up with Divya and they hit off a little too well. She was a quick witted, inspired person who could see the world in the right perspective. And Anand's rare traits of being so truly interested in life and philosophy and maturity did all that it should do to get them together. It wont be appropriate to say that they fell in love or something like that. It was something like that but much more than that. They lived together, in the true sense!
And it was not too long before Anurag landed in the US for work. It was a time when the friends could get back together again. And now they also had another friend amidst them. Since there wasnt much difference in the ways Anurag and Anand thought about things and their reactions, it wasnt too difficult for Divya and Anurag to become good friends.
Anurag was a person of touch while Anand of smells. Anurag had no qualms walking around with Divya with his hands on her shoulder, even when Anand was around. But she did not feel all that normal during those times...
But life isnt quite the same each day!
As time flew by, a sort of relationship grew between Anurag and Divya which both of them did not feel unhappy or wrong about. Divya felt good about being able to share the thoughts of two different people so closely. The only fact which they did not feel good about was that, they were not able to express this to Anand. In that sense they were worried if they were cheating on him.
One fine night, Divya tucked her head onto Anand's bosom and spelt out what was on with her. Anand was surprised, if not shocked, but he did not quite understand how he should react to that. He plainly kissed her on her forehead and went off to sleep.
Next morning, Anurag joined them for a strong tea! All of them knew everything... And thus they all felt relieved and sort-of happy..
Anand just smiled, as he always did , at Anurag.. And Anurag bear-hugged him.
Then came their princess charming, whom both of them adored, cherished and wanted to not-lose!
Not because they would not find someone else as good as her, not because they thought their friendship was so great! Just because they thought, life was eventually fine, this way !!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Politics is an inspired strategy game. To play it if you need second order strategies, to understand the complete picture at any point in the game, you need multiple order strategies and thats what makes politics a "classy" subject.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Solitary reaper !

Solitude is bliss. It feels totally good to walk alone, shop alone, eat alone, think alone. There is a sort of contemplative mood that gets created by being alone and that is the best way to think about new things, organise thoughts and thus feel the individuality better.
Now when newer realisations come up, newer accomplishments happen, life gets either too bizarre or euphoric, there would be some sort of an urge to share it with someone. Actually the nature of realisations would be different every time. Sometimes, enjoying a realisation all alone gives a sort of joy which cannot be obtained by anything else. But there are other times too, when sharing the realisations or any variants of thoughts becomes a need so as to enjoy its happiness to the fullest. Along with this comes the need for a person or people with whom all these can be shared in a personal manner. Not like writing a blog in a totally impersonal tone to the anonymous !
But then its not very easy to communicate with anyone and everyone about realisations. It might make no sense to them. It might just turn them off since their interests would be something else and quite agreeably so.
There are these people called "friends" with whom we can "talk"! Being able to 'talk' stuff is the cornerstone for being friends :) For being in love, if I may say so.
Thinking about the purpose of our existence.. Supposing that we were to find out conclusively that there is no purpose for our existence, what would we do ? Would we all just commit suicide ? Do we not enjoy the so-called 'worldly pleasures' ? We should exist and live not for the sake of fulfliment of any pre-determined purpose but to enjoy what we think today, as pleasure.
Human mind has evolved to form concepts on what is pleasure and pain based on experience and these concepts get refined as time progresses. Maybe these concepts are not complete or they might be flawed. But the human mind always tries to refine them, make them more consistent and then organise it as usable knowledge. So, the feelings of happiness and sadness are a reality as the human mind sees them today.
So, we can exist here to maximise happiness. And that happens by thought!
What if tomorrow , someone proves to us that happiness is an illusion ? We shall accept it if good reasons are given. That would only make us think differently from then on. But the feeling of having felt happy cannot go..
What IS happiness !

Monday, December 03, 2007


Freedom -- Face value of freedom.
Correctness -- Political correctness.
Reasons -- Reality
Morality -- Game
Sleep -- Nightmare.
No analogy.
There is so much to think, in Life.
And there is nothing called, out Life .
New T shirt ? YEAH!
Water in a bottle, not full, jus enough to quench the thirst
This is totally a post for the self .