Thursday, November 29, 2007

Driving lessons:

> Think only of driving while driving, dont dream.
> Learn to estimate where the vehicle would stop, when you apply the brakes.
> Dont horn too much.
> Dont allow others to be a bottleneck to you, when there is no need.
> Dont drive too slow :
> When you are trying to cross the road, LOOK AT THE MIRROR. Mirror is there for you to see in such times, not when there is no need .
hmm hmmm hmmmmmmmmm

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Intellectual snobbery ...

One realisation. Dont generalise based on some personal experiences. Though generalisation helps you to organise your thoughts and make them more usable, it can have several severe counter effects like, making your mind closed to a bigger picture of things.
Treat any of the not-so-comfortable events case by case and then decide!
This was part of a talk with a friend at the company. Made really good sense!
Should my success get a higher weight when its compared against someone else's failure (or seeming failure) ? Should I thus feel more happy ? Or would that mean I am celebrating someone else's failure ?
Strategy to attack intellectual snobbery ?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


The second second one!

Seems like some mad hunger (or should I say thirst? ) to blog ..

I guess I had written this earlier in my blog. In life, avoid doing mistakes. Especially when you have a feel that what you are doing might not be correct. Its not about "not taking a risk". Calculated risks have to be taken to make life interesting, but mistakes and risks are not synonymous.
When you do mistakes, quite knowingly, just to have some short term fun, you might end up losing your credibility, peace of mind and "fun" in the longer run.
Suppose that a change in your ways of thinking, leads you to behave in a way which causes trouble to someone else , how do you manage it ? This particular question needs an answer

Thursday, November 15, 2007

What is more depressing... ?

What is more depressing?
Boredom, un-importance, failure to reach expectations, lack of expectations, the feeling-of-loneliness, helplessness, the state of everything-is-there-but-nothing -is -there, the state of everything -is -there-but-don't-know-what-more-I-want, the state of being jaded, the state of i-am-just-thinking-that-everything -is-alright, the state of being dumb, dumbfounded, stupid, expectant, stupidly ambitious, dreamy ...
Or probably more depressing than any of the above is to just live with it ..

Friday, November 09, 2007


Can a decision that you took yesterday stop you from doing something today? It can ,It should and It will...whether you want it or not..

Make decisions for today in such a way that it doesnt affect tomoro ? Short term decisions?

But what about life !


There might be desires which are not fulfilled. But doesnt mean those desires will die ! And thts where the whole problem is ....


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random ?

Black Forest Cake, BIG ice creams, Fancy Shirts, Haircut, Jeans, COMFORT, Cell Phone!

Dreams at one point of time, passions later, easy further on, usual after that :)
Life is well managed if we choose the middle path! Does that also mean we need to have mixed feelings about every damn thing? Mixed feelings are not too good to happen...


Doing whatever I want to do with my life should mean spoiling my life ?

Heh! Adding a pic to this post......Hmmmmmmm mixed feeelings again