Tuesday, October 30, 2007


There are these moments in life when you feel so overwhelmed that you feel really happy that you actually lived to experience those moments! You feel a sense of being greatful and thankful to yourself.. Those moments overcome you so much that you feel lost into distraction.
So much so that you just want that moment to be over, so that you can feel your original self.
Its a mixed state..When one part of you craves for that one moment to last for a lifetime , while the other part wants the moment to end instantly.
In such moments, you have a thousand words that you wanted to say, but you say nothing because tears well up in your eyes. You just feel that lump in your throat. In the midst of trying to express your thoughts so that you can make these moments more memorable, failing in that, wanting for the moments to last longer, wanting for them to finish soon, you feel a sense of inexplicable helpless bliss. You feel a sense of loss of a way to even show it.
Happiness might not be a rarity. Maybe people have happiness in plenty. But its those absorbing, silent yet boisterous joys that make your life worthwhile.
Maybe I am spoiling the subtlety by writing about it here.
Maybe I am not even doing the right justice to the experiences..
But I wanted to write this...to remind me always tht I have indeed felt this way and this was just an attempt to analyse what happens in such events, so as to have a better control?