Sunday, December 03, 2006

On a platform to know..

There is so much of knowledge in world and any thing's presence in this world doesn't bother me as long as it doesn't interfere in my ways of living. And I would be into knowing something either because it affects me or because I am interested in knowing it. And this interest would be borne out of a reason. And thus, any endeavor to know anything is because of a reason!Say a piece of knowledge that god exists and takes care of the world. Let god exist, let it take care and do whatever, am i bothered? How does it relate to my thoughts? It affects me only when people go on to add that, if I don't accept god's existence and perform the duties ordained by scriptures I would be in trouble. Now I have to reason out whether it does so. I have to reason it out because, how am i sure that god doesn't exist or that god doesn't affect me? IS it still not a blind faith that god doesnt exist? Any blind faith for that matter is despicable..So now, what are the evidences that god does exist and influences my life? All the evidences that are furnished are either scriptures, some miraculous happenings, experiences of some people in the past who were considered stalwarts in knowledge because they mastered scriptures. Ultimately it is all written in a book which says lots of things. Now are we sure that this book is right? What are the chances that the purpose behind which it was documented has gone out of oblivion? What are the chances that, a book which was written to serve some short term interest of the then living people is mistaken as a scripture? What are the chances that a word written to highlight the goodness of the scripture in terms of a moral book be mistaken as a word of its full validity?Also what are the chances that the book is right? What are the chances that they are beyond our domains of reasoning?I do not know and if all those things are beyond my reason, is there really a way for me? They might give me methods to know things which are beyond my reasoning, but first of all how am i to trust that there is something indeed beyond my reasoning? Even if it is, can I appreciate that? IS not my reason only the tool for my behaviors?

Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well, we form ideas and principles for our lives-consciously or unconsciously- based on many happenings around. But many a times the ideas that we come to appreciate would be because of an overly hyped halo around those ideas. Sometimes it can also be a verbal appeal or the appreciation because of some sentimental reasons!In the process we might start living lives with ideas that might contradict one another. And at these times, we try to separate one idea from the other and try and lead a compartmentalised life which is not fulfiling in the long run.We need to have a consistency in all the ideas that we subscribe to. These ideas would be the base for all our endeavour in life. If there are contradictions in the ideas,the base will not be strong enough to support a strong edifice of life!Now why do I say that, there is a need for consistency? Consistency would actually easen the thought for us. If we have a uniform base for all the thoughts that we have, we can get at spontaneous solutions or answers for many problems, or atleast we can be sure of the approach to solve that.Also a consistent life style would embolden us to tred any path of thought because of a surity that we dont get lost easily!Any new idea that we come to accept should nicely gel with the already accepted ideas...else if we try to mimic appreciation, deep down it results in a frustration,a non acceptance and a guilt of being insincere!
Sunday, March 05, 2006